About DEM4R Company

DEM4R Company was set up in 2014, when the economic sanctions against Russia were imposed, and Russia, in its turn, imposed the food import embargo concerning a wide range of import products. Such embargo at first influenced vitamin-mineral complexes and food supplements (FS).

For business of Vision, and therefore for well-being of distributors and consumers, who use the Company’s products, serious risks emerged.

In order to minimize these risks there was made the decision on creation of the Russian manufacturing company, which was not affiliated with Vision, and on the start-up of production of analogues of popular import products. The decision was supported and approved by D.A. Buryak, the Company’s president.

Subsequent years showed that creation of the DEM4R company became the timely and wise step, indeed the Russian product not only made it possible to calm a financial situation in Vision, but also, having become more accessible than import food supplements, expanded consumer audience of the company.


Goal of DEM4R

The goal of the DEM4R company - to offer to Russian consumers the product, which is of better quality compared to products of French Arkopharma, which became possible thanks to high quality standards of the domestic manufacturer and observance of Russian regulations, which are more formal in comparison with European and American regulations.

Besides, all food supplements, being manufactured in Russia, didn’t become just analogues of Arkopharma’s products. The products were created under the improved formulae using innovative natural ingredients and with application of the advanced processes of processing thereof. All products of the line were introduced the new capsule, made with use of only vegetable-based ingredients.

Products of the Russian line (R-line) quickly gained popularity among Vision’s distributors and all consumers of the DEM4R products. In 2016 and in first half of 2017 the share of our products in sales turnover of the Vision company in Russia was between 40% and 70%.


About the current situation...

By autumn of 2017 the DEM4R company has already constituted a separately-run business unit, which had the serious balanced product portfolio, consisting of high-quality and modern products, intellectual property (brand, product formulae, registration documents for the product, being manufactured), best practices concerning the new product line BUFF and, most importantly – friendly cohesive team of co-thinkers.

In autumn also began merger of Vision and Freedom Group company. This difficult process, which has not been finally completed now, unfortunately, is followed by serious shocks. All structures, being included into Vision holding company, have been liquidated, the personnel have been reduced. The negotiations of the governing body of the DEM4 R company with the new president of Vision, which took place, showed his unwillingness to continue cooperation in the former format.

DEM4R – enters the market


Since December, 2017 business of DEM4R has accelerated own development separately from Vision, and creation of another, independent, SUCCESS STORY has begun. The DEM4R company works at new products, implements its best practices concerning the BUFF line, in order to bring on the market the absolutely unique line of food supplements.


The new phase of the Company’s activity began, but the trust of our buyers and their adherence to the proven Russian product remained unchanged. It is the tangible result of our mutually beneficial co-operation, the response to the policy of maximum transparency and honesty, creation of the product, which is qualitative and available to consumers, stated by the company.


Changes with the DEM4R company happened thick and fast: just a while ago we were a component of a big, closed and heavy galleon, and now we a mobile clipper, which quickly responds to movements of the market and needs of our customers.


We don’t intend to content ourselves only with the opportunities of the license agreement with Vision that slows down our advance to success.


Our goal today isn’t less ambitious - to continue development of the own product portfolio oriented, first of all, toward a Russian consumer, systematically and purposefully improve quality of our customers servicing.


Besides, we plan, along with a new brand, to give new names to our products!


The most important –principles of our work – honesty, transparency, mutual respect – will remain unchanged!