Stress and its effects in human are rather highly researched by physicians and psychologists, as this problem becomes the ordinary phenomenon now. Each human being can appear in a stressful situation regardless of age, sex and social status.


Stress is a preventive mechanism as for unusual physical and mental burdens and strong emotions. The human being, who is in abnormal situation, which demands making an important decision, becomes nervous, heartbeat becomes frequent, there appears weakness and dizziness. If stress effects in human have reached a peak point, then there comes full moral and physical exhaustion.


Pax + forte-R is the powerful antistress complex, which protects each body cell from harmful effects of emotional overload and athletic overexertion. The product completes reserve of vitamins and minerals, most of which quickly burn down during stress, removes anxiety and anxious feeling, reduces excessive nervousness and excitability, increases stress resistance.


The formula of the Russian product is enhanced and expanded and has a number of key distinctions from a similar Arkopharma product.


Pax+forte-R contains 5 extracts of medicative herbs: Peppermint, Sweet balm, Motherwort, common Saint-John’s wort, Passionflower. Pax+forte, produced by Arkopharma, are included only 3 components of medicative herbs (Balm lemon, Lavender and Valeriana), but in the form of a powder, which considerably reduces their action in comparison with extracts.


It is known that the extract is an extract, extraction from a medicinal herb, from its active principle (medical substances, vitamins and other). The term “extract” is used namely in respect to medical plants, to extraction of useful medical substances. The powder may contain much lesser amount of active agents. The difference may fluctuate from one order to several orders. If in respect to the product the powder is declared, then it means that active ingredients in raw materials weren’t defined and, respectively, aren’t stated documentary.


Pax + forte-R is the source of hypericin, which is contained in St. John’s Wort. Please, note that Arkopharma’s product doesn’t contain this invaluable component. Hypericin is the only OTC medicine against mental depression and big disturbing syndrome, whose efficiency is clinically confirmed and whose mechanism of action is rather highly researched. It is conclusively established that in cases of slight depression and moderately severe depression efficiency of hypericin is equal to conventional antidepressants.


This is not the only difference of Pax+forte-R of R-line.


Pax + forte-R is the source of magnesium, which is introduced into the formula in the form of magnesium oxide. In the Arkopharma’s product magnesium is contained in the form of magnesium carbonate and for this very reason this product contains magnesium in small quantity and isn’t the source of this necessary trace mineral.


Magnesium is not for nothing considered the main energy worker of cells – it participates in electrolytic, energy and constructive metabolism, as well as referes to almost 300 biochemical reactions. For example, magnesium is the main participant of the mechanism of muscular activity and neuromuscular transmissions. That is why the chronic shortage of this element often leads to feeling of weakness, slackness, sudden dizzinesses and even spasms. Magnesium is also responsible for the condition of the central nervous system, as it participates in the processes of relaxation and tension. Its shortage often leads to emergence of apprehension, irritability or excessive excitability. That particular element helps to increase the body resistance to stress.


Pax + forte-R contains glycine - amino acid (aminoacetic acid), which is actively used for sleep regulation, treatment of the nervous system, decrease in aggression and other useful impacts on our body. Glycine is required by our body in large quantities (3.5 g is daily intake for an adult), but even small amount of this amino acid as a part of a product amplifies and completes the effects of all components.


Pax + forte-R also contains bigger amount of Vitamin B6, which ensures normal operation of the peripheral and central nervous system, promoting production of bioactive substances, which transfer nervous impulses on fibers.


The vitamin complex, which is the part of Pax + forte-R, is brought closer to the recommended daily allowance, whereby also has an obvious advantage over the Arkopharma analogue.


Characteristics of “Pax+forte R”:

  • Unique product against depression and disturbing syndrome on herb basis
  • Reduces stress, reduces anxiety
  • Removes irritability and excessive excitement
  • Enhances mood
  • Regulates sleep
  • Reduces aggression
  • Eliminates disfunctions of the vegetovascular system
  • Regulates pressure
  • Levels endocrine profile, it is recommended both for women, and for men
  • Boosts immunity
  • The vitamin B complex regulates the nervous system performance and strengthens protective properties of the body.

Do away with stress even today!