Questions and Answers


You are not VISION anymore?

Answer: We are the producer of the products presented on the website. We have a current license agreement with Vision International People Group on the right to use trademarks and the commercial name in the territory of the Russian Federation. We have all required permits concerning the products, being manufactured. Numbers of registration certificates are placed on packing of a product.Using these numbers You by yourself can check our registration certificates on the website of the Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare. All of them are issued for the DEM4 R company.



Why do you sell the products you do not own? 

Answer: All products, sold by the DEM4 R company, are the property of the company. We act in strict adherence to the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.




Could not reach you by phone. No answer

Answer: The contact telephone number is accessible on working days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Besides, on the website the online support service is available. If there is nobody at all (night or day off) – write to us using  - we will surely answer!



How to use the site


The password not accepted. 

Answer: Notice! In this case You are either not registered on the website, or You enter the password from the earlier web-store Vision. In our store it doesn’t work. Please, undergo correctly the procedure of registration, if after that it is impossible to enter, contact us, we surely will help You!



Where one can see the prices for products?

Answer: The prices are presented in the web-store or on the page in facebook.


The product quality will degrade now, since You are not with Vision anymore?

Answer: The quality of our products doesn’t depend on the Vision company. The products quality is unchanged and corresponds strictly to the standards of the Russian Federation, the process of production is performed in strict adherence to the Technical Specifications and Technical Regulations, developed by us, which intend strict control of both raw materials for production and finished products. These conditions are strictly met in the course of production. You can learn from our article more details.


What production methods do You use?

Answer: All information on production standards, manufacturer’s certificates You can find on the manufactures’ websites:

Or read in our articles about partners  Королёф Фарм и Полярис


Where from do You take raw materials?

Answer: Suppliers of raw materials for our products are leading Russian and global companies - primary producers.




What is shelf life of the product? Do You sell it on the cheap because it is expired?

Answer: All our products have right shelf life. You can see the minimum term on the product web page below on the tab page “Characteristics”.



I cant make an order via the web-store, how else can I make an order?

Answer: send the letter with the order at the address

At the same time, please, leave contacts for feedback, we will issue an invoice for You, specify the delivery address, pack Your products and transfer to the delivery service (after receiving payment). You can make payment in any Sberbank branch against our invoice. After payment we will tell You number of the mail and contacts of the transportation company. If within 5 working days after payment the status of your order doesn’t change - please, contact us.



The products I received are not the products I ordered.

Answer: We ask You to contact us in any convenient way! We will get this thing straightened out.


I have placed an order, how can I pay therefor?

Answer: Enter My Profile, choose the order You want to pay for, in the section “Order” select “Proceed to Payment”.


I don’t see how to pay for an order.

Answer: For You we prepared the detailed instruction concerning the website handling. Choose the section “Collect Payment on Delivery”, there You will find the answer to this question. If it is impossible - address our operators on the website (pop-up window of help on the lower right corner), call up or write to e-mail. We will surely help you!




I can pay via Alfa-click, how can I do it?

Answer: Yes, You can pay via Alfa-click, proceeding to the section “Order Payment”.



I can’t pay using a card, my bank declines payment or blocks the card!

Answer: Banks fight, as they can, with possible embezzlement from cards and often block operations with web-stores, especially large sums operations. Just call your bank and confirm your intention to make this payment.



Why the order status is still “unpaid”, I paid therefor 5 days ago.

Answer: bank transfers are passed for up to 5 working days. If the transfer hasn’t reached us within 5 days, contact us, we will get this thing straightened out.



Can I pay a courier for an order in cash together with delivery?

Answer: An order shall be paid for only in the web-store, or against the issued invoice, the cost of delivery shall be paid at receiving.



Wherefore do You show the cost of delivery, if there is no possibility to specify an exact amount?

Answer: In order to make rough estimate of the cost of delivery at order generation. The delivery company by itself establishes the final exact cost of delivery depending on the real size and weight of a parcel. If You are not satisfied with the cost and the way of delivery - contact us, we will surely come up with something!




What is the Merchant Category Code of your store?

Our code is 5499 - Miscellaneous Food Stores.




How can I pick up an order by myself? The courier delivery is not convenient for me, it is better for me to take an order away from the pick-up point (PUP).

Answer: In comments to the order write that You will take the order away from the pick-up point and the PUP’s address. The PUP’s address You can get to learn on the website of SDEK by reference – It will cut the cost of Your delivery.


The order has placed and paid,  how long to wait for its receipt? How can I trace the parcel?

Answer: Upon completion of goods transfer we provide the number of mail, using which You can trace the status of your order on the website of a carrier. You can see the tracking number in the My Profile, having opened the order when its status becomes “Shipped”. You can read about the delivery in more detail in our article.



Why is the delivery so expensive? Why did Vision have the lower cost of delivery?

Answer: We sell a product at a reduced profit margin, which doesn’t include the cost of delivery. Notice that when the order value is 40 thousand Rubles or more the delivery is free of charge. The Vision company paid a part of the delivery cost. We work thereon, hereafter we will try to add also other, more budgetary ways of delivery.



I didn’t find answer to my question.

Answer: Write to us, please. Or call. Or address the online support on the website. Together with You we will make our store more convenient for everybody!




Best regards, team of DEM4 R.