Junior Be Healthy-R

Stronder than cold
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Formula of Junior Be Healthy-R is enhanced by the Sweet briar extract - powerful natural ingredient for maintenance of a child’s immunity. The product, which is tried-and-truee and beloved of all, became even better.


Certificate of registration



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Junior Be Healthy-R

Food supplement

Not a medicine 

Junior Hit

60 pills


Recommended as a food supplement - an additional source of Vitamin С.


Ingredients: glucose monohydrate (dextrose), microcrystalline cellulose, Rose hips dry extract, powdered orange juice or powder fruit – berries - orange, Propolis dry extract, ascorbic acid, calcium stearate (anti-caking agent), silicon dioxide (Aerosil, anti-caking agent), natural flavouring “Orange oil 012210”.


Average nutritional information

Per 1 pill 500 mg

Energy value

1.4 kcal/4.2 kJ

Proteins, mg


Carbohydrates, mg


Fats, mg






% of Recommended Daily Dietary Allowances



7-11 yeras

11-14 years

14-18 years

Vitamin С, mg


36.5 %

31.5 %B, 36.5% G

24.5 %B, 31.5% G

*B – boys, G – girls


Recommendations for use: children aged 5 or older and adults take 1 capsule twice a day at mealtime. Period of administration is 1 month. If necessary, administration may be repeated.


Precautions: individual intolerance of the product components, pregnancy, breast-feeding. Before administration it is recommended to consult a physician.


Shelf life: 2 years.


Storage conditions: Store in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight and out of the reach of children, below 25°С.


Technical Specifications  9197-007-17746117-15

Certificate of registration No.   RU.Е.000251.01.16 dated 22/01/2016

Manufactured by:

KorolyovFarm, LLC, Russian Federation, 141074, Moscow Region, Korolyov, Pionerskaya str., house 4.


Expiration date 02/2023
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